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I have recently become interested in SLR Digitals and I currently have the oppurtunity to buy a almost brand new EOS 20d. My question has to do with lens compatibility. My father was into 35mm photography in the late 80's and early 90's and has a 4 or 5 lenses lying around. He has since found a new hobby and has offered me his camera and lenses. I do not know the lense models or specs but was curious if 35mm Film lenses could be used with the 20d and if so what the drawbacks might be. If the chances look good thtI can use these I might snap up this deal. Any feedback would be great. TIA.
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I really dont think they will being that old, however it depends on what type of mount is on them, if its the old Canon F mount (bayonet) they wont fit. The 20d takes EF and EF-S mounts so your only able to use them. From memory, i think there is an adaptor, but i dont really think its worth bothering.
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actually the EF mount originated in '87 i believe.. so if its after that, you may have a chance.. if they are autofocus, then yes, they will fit..
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Take care, there was a very brief period before the EF mount when Canon made some AutoFocus lenses that did not catch on.

The whole AF component was built right into these lens, so you had to re-buy the expensive Autofocus each time you bought a lens. They gave up on it when some competitors came up with AF in the body :-).

Deja-vu: just like with the current IS lenses :!:
Hopefully the same thing happens again with IS, now that some vendors have put it right in their bodies :blah: :blah:

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