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The 70-200 IS is the third generation IS. Thus it will work on a tripod (it internally detects if there's no movement, and if so, it'll lock down the lens group turning IS off).

I have an IS lens because of the chance at sharper hand-held pictures at full zoom. For me its more versatile than the non-IS version. It also means I'll never be wishing I had gotten the IS version after all :-)

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I just got back from testing the 70-200 IS L myself and it definitely does what it's advertised to do. If I were shooting only high shutter speed sports like basketball, hockey, and other all around the room, up and down, here and there sports, then I'd think twice about spending the extra money for the IS since I'm not sure how much further ahead I'd be with an IS lens at a 1/500 shutter.

However, that certainly won't be the case with me because I plan to do a number of different sorts of shoot; and this lens has proven itself, in my own hands, at very slow shutter speeds to be extremely effective. It's also amazingly light considering that it has the IS. However, I'm used to hand-holding the Sigma 50-500 so everything should be taken in perspective. It will definitely come in handy in many circumstances that would be otherwise impossible without the IS switch. I also now understand what you guys are saying about that "clunk" sound and how reassuring it can be. That FZ10 of mine doesn't "clunk." Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps that's why you can buy the whole camera for about 1/3 of this lens?

I'm going to buy it eventually, but only when I sell off a few of my other lenses and it's going to be purchased from a local dealer, the one who allowed me to test it. Why? Because I simply don't choose to trust online purchases from distant stores any more. I'm going to sell my 100 prime, 70-200 F4, and 75-300 USM and use the money to purchase that lens. I discussed trade-ins with this particular merchant but I know they won't be able to offer me a good enough trade-in price, so perhaps I'll try Ebay.

I'll have that 70-200 IS lens by this time next year. I sincerely appreciate all of the input from you guys who own it and it's nice to have sounding board contact on things like this. I'm still glad that NHL slowed me down in the purchase decision. I want the lens, I sure about that now, but I can wait for it. All is well.
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