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Default Need help picking a good lens for my Canon T1i

I am new to the camera world and I bought a canon t1i to Start off my new hobby and now I would like help choosing a good lens. I would like to shoot sports events now and again, but I really will be using this camera for family shots and every day stuff. What ever may come up! Any help would be very nice.

Thank you all
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For your general shooting, start off using the kit lens. It is a nice lens and plenty sharp. Once you start shooting that, you will better know what kind of lens you need to do the things the kit lens cannot.

Plus if you are really interested in sports, you will have to start saving money now, the fast telephoto lenses you need cost more than your t1i did.
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A fast telephoto that is suite for indoor low light will cost 2.5 times the price of the T1i. But if you are looking to shoot some sports outdoors in day light every now and then, and not focus on it completely. A good telephoto lens will cost about 550 dollars.
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Shooting sports is tough. The lens(es) you'll need will depend on the sport and where you'll be shooting from. Can you fill in some of those blanks for us?
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my 2 cents as i was/am in a similar situation as you are (new hobby, family pics, every day general pics, occasional sports)

i started with the kit lens, which is pretty good for what you pay for it. then i bought the 50mm f1.8 lens because ton of people recommended it, especially for the price and because of f1.8, which lets in more light in than the kit lens at the widest aperture. i figured i could use it where the lighting wasn't great. i do have to admit that i am not using it very often yet, mainly because of the lack of zoom and my decisions when to use what lens need plenty of work.
finally i just recently bought the 70-300mm IS USM lens because i found myself needing the distance. for example taking pics at a little kids baseball game or something like that.
since this is a hobby, i think i am set with lenses for a while. a ultrawide zoom would be nice to have, but this is one expensive hobby and it is better you learn how to effectively use what you have now than to keep buying expensive equipment and not use it nearly often enough.

unfortunately for my wallet, i am a gadget-head so i got me a wife to keep me in check
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