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i decided to buy a new cameraas my new hobby. and i dont have any idea or knowledge about cameras.i just asked the sales person which camera is the best. and he told me about the canon eos kiss digital x (since my budget is only $1000). so i bought it.is it really a good camera?and should i need to buy a new lense ?(there is lense included in the package but its only efs 18-55mm.pls help me.thank you
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I've moved your thread to our Canon Lenses Forum, which is the forum we have setup for questions about lenses for use with Canon DSLR models.

Because of the APS-C size sensor used in your DSLR, you'll have a narrower angle of view (more apparent magnification) for any given focal length, compared to the same focal length lens on a 35mm camera.

Just multiply the focal length by 1.6x to see how they compare. For example, a 50mm lens on your Canon DSLR will give you the same angle of view that an 80mm would on a 35mm camera (50mm x 1.6 = 80mm).

That's why most of the kit lenses start out at around 18mm (because they will appear to be longer on a DSLR with an APS-C size sensor).

So, the 18-55mm lens you have would give you approximately the same angle of view as a 29-88mm lens on a 35mm camera, which is very close to the typical 28-80mm zoom lenses you often see used with a 35mm camera model.

I'd use that lens for a while, before rushing out to spend more money, to get an idea of what limitations (if any) it has for the type of shooting you want to do. You may (or may not) need something longer, wider, brighter, etc.

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i need to buy a new lense

:Gdont worry..the lens's will find their way into ur closet before u realise u have more lens than u ever wanted :blah:

As Jim said, try out the 18-55. Once u get a grip of the camera and lens and u can get a better idea about ur needs u can check for more lens's

Though having more lens's help(helps canon sales) u would be really surprised on the usage of these lens. Mostly one lens stays in the camera for 80% of the time while the rest are on and off for specific purpose.

my 24-105 and 70-200 are the most used lens. I also have more lens's though

U will understand ur needs once u get the first lens(18-55) and start taking pictures.

is it really a good camera?

absolutely good for a hobby. Just two years back their earlier version was selling for high 600 and didnt have most of the features the new XTI has. U can do wonders with this camera once u start using it. Once u get a good grip on the camera and its operation u will automatically consider an upgrade.

And there is nothing wrong in getting a mark III to lear too. But knowing its gonna be a hobby a xti sounds a perfect start.

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thank you
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