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Default New use for lens hood

I was out shooting with some friends the other day. I had my 30D with the 100-400mm 4.5/5.6L sitting on a very sturdy tripod. After about five minutes of the setup sitting still with no one anywhere close to it, the whole unit fell over (I was about 50 feet away watching in horror as this happen) It hit first on the lenshood at about a 45degree angle. The impact made a very sickening "thud" sound. As I, and my friends approached what had to be a disaster, we did not see any broken glass, the camera was still attached to the lens. I took the camera off the tripod and looked it over, there seemed to be no visible damage. I ran through several settings and made a few test shots and everything is fine. My first question was "why did it fall?" Apperently, one of the tension clips on one of the legs had worked itself loose enough to slowly slip down until it became unbalanced. Next question was "how did the equipment survive?" Best I can figure when it fell the angle of the hit caused the lens hood to flex enough to absorb some of the shock and the tripod head gave also absorbing the rest of the impact.

So, I have discovered a new use for a lens hood, but I do not recommend it

Leson learned, The Canon equipment is tough, and check out the tripod legs once in a while to make sure everything is tight!
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glad to hear your camera and lens have survived the impact. TBH, bodies and lenses (especially L's) are quite a bit tougher than they look . This is one of the reasons I always use hoods on all my lenses and hardly ever use UV filters for protection. Is the hood still usable?
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Algold, The hood survived with just a couple of scratches on it.
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Must be something about the 100-400. A few years back my backpack was on a bench and a family member picked it up but it wasn't zipped. The 100-400 took a spill onto the concrete with a nice thud. The lens has a small dent in it but nowhere important. Same fall with a plastic lens? I doubt things would have turned out so well. 4 years later and the 100-400 is still working like a champ.
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