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I'm looking at the Canon 20D and trying to get some info on lenses. I came across this lense today and was wondering if anyone has anything to report. Looks like a good focal length and made for a digital. I haven't been able to determine if it has a metal mount yet either.

I'm really new with this stuff and would like any lense help like what makes a good lense in terms of quality. Also, what does the "DC" in the lens description mean?
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If I am right, the DC means digital camera. This lense is made to be used on digital SLR cameras (Rebel, 20D, XT).

For Quantaray lenses, I am not sure of their quality. The only place that I have seen them is at Ritz Camera (and the stores that they own).

I do suspect that this lense is just a Sigma rebadged to Quantaray for Ritz. This is just my speculation. It has the same specs as the Sigma.

I just ordered the Sigma for my Digtal Rebel. I felt this lense to be a good lense to carry on the camera. It has a good wide angle and a decent zoom for the price.

Hope this helps

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I heard a while back that Quantaray was Wolf/Ritz's brand, but i could be wrong about that.

The specs on the Quantaray look VERY much like the Sigma that is being discussed in another thread, and the price is the same.
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Quantaray is indeed a rebadged Sigma lens under the Ritz/Kits Camera name brand. There are one or two Quantarays that are also rebadged Tokinas (19-35mm) is one.
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I am sorry but I cannot take it anymore. The correct spelling is lens not lense!
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