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Default sloppy telephoto

I bought a 40D with a 28-135-IS lens last summer. I did not realize when I first started using it, but the lens seems extremely sloppy or loose as far as the telephoto extension goes. If the camera is just hanging on my neck nose down, the lens slides out to full telephoto length. or when putting it in to my camera back, it slides out.

i was checking out a friends camera the other day and they had a 17-85, (or something like that), and the telephoto slide was nice and snug.

did i get a bad lens? do i have any options at this point after8 months of ownership?
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What you're referring to is commonly called 'Zoom Creep' and is not uncommon among larger, heavier lenses. I don't think it is an indication of a faulty lens.
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Old Apr 14, 2009, 3:11 AM   #3
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i think there's a particular "note" on the manual that says for some particular lenses there is this option wherein u can "lock" the lenses in place so as to avoid "zoom creep" i read it somewhere in my 450d's manual. hope this helps!
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No, nothing wrong, if you do a google search on Canon 28-135 lens creep you will find that it is common with this lens.
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I bought a Sigma 18-200 recently and it does the same thing. As far as I know its pretty common. BTW, I have the EF 28-135 and it is a nice lens even though some say that its not very sharp. The copy I have produces excellent sharp images. It's been a keeper in my book.
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Default no creep for me

I have had the Canon 28-135mm lens for about 4 years now, and am very happy with it. No lens creep with mine, maybe I a had a particularly "tight" or "snug fitting" copy. My Canon 100-300mm lens (I've had that for over 3 years), is similar in build quality - but has slight lens creep. However this does not bother me, as I usually walk with my camera lens held in hand, or in one of my "quick access" camera bags.

The Canon 28-135mm lens I find particularly useful for camp photography (which I do often) - as well as a casual walk around. I admit it does not have the wide angle or zoom range of some other lenses. But then again, I use my Sigma 10-20mm for ultra wide angle.

Like CTrack (and others) - I find that my 28-135mm Canon lens gives good sharp images, accurate colours and is handy for a variety of photo situations. Like all lenses, it has its limitations, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing and working within these and with a modest amount of post processing, I get results I'm happy with. Many people whom I share my photos with also seem to enjoy the photos from this lens (as it's my most used lens, thousands of people have seen photos with this lens). Here are some samples from last weekend.


Attached Images
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ditto on all accounts.

my 28-135 has some slight creep in it, especially if bouncing around while walking. no big deal, pretty common with telephotos.

versatile lens that is on my camera more often than anything else. its usually not the perfect lens for the job, but it does alot of jobs quite well.
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