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Default Starting a collection

I recently bought a canon 70-200/4 and 50mm/1.8 to go with a 400D (as a backup for my aging existing camera of a different brand). Both are good lenses and I want to know if forum members can give some recommendations on other lenses I might find interesting. I plan on going fullframe in a year or two but I believe in collecting lenses first and then figuring out which camera can make best use of their capabilities

My photography subjects are very diverse and nothing decisive emerges from the past few years of shooting I've done, except maybe that I avoid ultra wide angles.

So I guess here's what I'm looking for:

1. A range for landscapes: in the range 15-25 I suppose
2. Portraits lens: 50/1.8 is doing fine for me right now but I'd like to know other options.
3. Zoom: 70-200 range. Again 70-200/4 is doing its job well.
4. A teleconverter or two and a long lens in the 500mm range which is also quite compact.
5. Finally, I'd like a macro

I am also open to so called "collectible" lenses, which are either out of production or out of style. Infact I have often contemplated buying the occasional 200/1.8 L which comes up for sale on B&H!

Thanks so much for your help!
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The 200mm f1.8 is an amazing lens, it's no longer supported by Canon for repairs (well I'm pretty sure I read that a while ago..... is it something to do with the lead in it??).

I would consider the 15-85 lens from Canon, that makes a good walk around lens.

What do you want the long lenses for as different uses will call for different things.

For macro I would look at the Sigma 70mm Macro (one of the highest performing lenses on the market), the Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro..... any really, basically you can't go far wrong with a macro lens.

When getting a teleconverter, be aware that only the 1.4x will retain AF with an f4 lens on your body, a 2x will only be manual focus, not my idea of fun.

For portraits, there are many options depending on your desired style. In the studio I use the Canon 24-105 (on a full frame body) and in the field the 70-200mm f2.8 is my choice (again on FF). I would suggest having a play with the 85mm f1.8 that is a bit long on a crop body but can produce great results if you step back a bit.
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Thanks so much Mark!
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Canon no longer supports the 200 1.8 because its been replaced witht he 200 2.0 and has reached the end of its service life. As soon as any lens is replaced with a newer model the max is 7 years they will continue support. The other non IS telephotos are in the same boat but there are still many places that will service them and some parts are available but no longer manufactured. To date the one part that will turn a nice lens into an expensive paperwieght is the USM motor, there are none available unless you find a donor lens.

I would sell of the 50 1.8 and grab a 50 1.4. much better lens in both the IQ dept and build quality.

The 85 1.8 is also an awesome lens. I wont give any other recomendations as I will drive you into the poor house as for any others you are seeking that I would use come with an L at the end.
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