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pixmate Apr 12, 2007 2:34 PM

I have just Tamron 28-75 f2.8 SP XR Di LD Aspherical lens and amplease with the results so far. I have a Christening and Wedding to go to in the next few months and wondered if anyone else has used this lens in those type of situations and how did it cope with them.

One of my fist picture with it.

Link to this and a couple others taken on the 400D.


JohnG Apr 12, 2007 3:24 PM

pixmate wrote:

I have a Christening and Wedding to go to in the next few months and wondered if anyone else has used this lens in those type of situations and how did it cope with them.

I don't have that specific lens, but I do have 2.8 lenses, primes and flash and I've shot at weddings / christenings. So I'll give you some input from my experiences.

The answer to your question will depend on what types of photos you are looking to take and what the lighting conditions are. As an example, let's take the Christening. For a number of shots you typically want multiple people in focus. That doesn't work well with wide apertures. And even if it did, the church may not be bright enough for 2.8 to work well (although it might be - it depends on the church).

Now, the Christening will either be during a mass or separate:

IF the christening isSeparate from themass the priest usually allows flash. If this is the case, you'll get much better results using a good external flash so you can use narrower apertures and havethe key players in focus.

Ifthe baptism is during the service, you'll need to be right up frontfor 75mmtogive you enough reach to get the photo. In that case, success will depend on whether there is enough ambient light for you to get the shots. Again, you don't want to use 2.8 unless you have to (except for close up shots of the baby, etc...)

For group shots after - flash isdefinitely a bonus. Sorry - there are times when available light is nice but there are times when flash is better.

Weddings - again, it depends on what types of shots. For therecpetion - again, a good flash will be infinitely more useful than available lightas you're more often than not going to have multiple peoplein a shot and do not want a shallow DOF. For the ceremony shots you obviously wouldn't use flash. Get what you can if you are close enough. If you're not don'tsweat it - in the end people are only interested in a couple shots of the ceremony itself - 95% of the shots people care about are the posed shots before/after and the reception shots. The critical ceremony shots will be captured by the hiredphotographer (assuming they have one). For the posed shots - again a good external flash is a must. I would also recommend if youconsider looking at a flash bracket as this will improve those types of shots immensely.

Bottom line - for those two situations - except for actual cermonies/masses every other type of shot will benefit more from external flash & bracket than fom using 2.8 There will be too much shadow for available light photography to work well for many of the shots (again think of wedding photogs - do they use flash whenever possible? Absolutely!)

Just my .02

pixmate Apr 12, 2007 5:21 PM

JohnG, Thank for all the very useful information. I have checked and no flash is allowed at theChristning or Wedding unless you are the Pro. The Christening is a fairly new built Church which is verysmall (100 people max) but hasquite alot of natural light available.I have actually shot a Christeningat the venue beforeand last time I used a Fuji S602 and then the average setting was 1/60 & f2.8 200 ISO. As I will beusing a Canon 400D this time and having tested the higher ISO's I am considering using 400 ISO so I expect to be able to use 1/60 & f4 assuming the same lighting conditions.

I have no idea about the Wedding other than the Pro taking the picture insisist that he is the only one to be able to use flash in the church. I do have an external flash (Sigma500 ST DG) and flash bracket so will be using it for everthing other than inside the church.

Thank again for the valuable (UK) 2p worth.


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