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Default Vibration Comparison

I think this may be such an unfair question that the moderators might start beating their heads against the wall even before they permanently boot me from this website.

Here goes anyway....

Tamron has VC, Canon has IS, Nikkor has VR.

Does any one of these stabilizers do a better job than others or are they all about the same?

I'm a Canon shooter and I have used the Canon 24-70 2.8F lens before and I like the results when I used a tripod. But hand held, in low light, my hands are not steady enough. So I'd love for Canon to put IS on the 24-70 2.8F but even if they did, I doubt they could keep the price under $3,000.
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Well for $3000 you could buy a Sony (with lens and spare changes) as a 2nd camera

I shoot with an A900 where the IS is built into the body so I can use any lens, the Zeiss 24-70 included. I need to handhold at 1/15s to capture the water effect without a tripod (see my post in the people section) using ND filter!

IMO its anyone guess as everyone has different way of shaking their cameras, or how a test shake is concocted up. Pretty much you can believe what you want to believe in which system will do a better job... and some can't be compared!
For example put a tilt and shift lens on a Sony, and there's no equivalent on Canon or Nikon setup
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Look at the tamron version it does have vc and is half the price of the canon.
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Since Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron put their image stabilization in the lens, you can't really make generalizations about whose stabilization is better because different lenses from the same manufacturer perfume differently. SLRGear.com performs qualitative tests on lenses, and even tests image stabilization in some. Their results show that the stabilization in Canon, Nikon and Sigma lenses provides as much as 4 stops advantage in some lenses and as little as 2 stops in others. Of the Tamron lenses they've tested however, the results have not been as good.

Sony and Pentax put image stabilization in the camera body, and between the two, Sony seems to do a better job providing a 2.5-3 stop advantage, while Pentax provides a 1.5-2 stop advantage. For Tamron lenses made for Sony and Pentax bodies, Tamron disables the stabilization system, but Sigma often requires that the body's stabilization system be turned off.

Having image stabilization is better than not having it, but not all systems provide a significant advantage.
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Also are you talking about the old Canon IS (linear) or the new Canon IS ii (linear and rotational compensation)
showing up in all the latest versions of the lenses they are re-releasing at a much higher cost.

All the IS systems handle linear camera shake to varying degrees.
I may be wrong but I do not believe any of the other manufacturers systems can handle rotational movement (yet).
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What it breaks down to is the older you get the more you want/need Image Stabilization. Never had any stabilization on any camera or lens I used in the 60's through the 90's and never needed it either. Now I say, give me stabilization on everything! Bought a Canon 70-200 f2.8L non IS lens, used it twice and now it just sits in the closet (great lens, fast sharp and great colors). Need to upgrade that lens to the IS version or make a coffee cup out of the lens.
Comments always welcome.
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