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Tough choice.
Is the 75-300IS really THAT bad? Is the 70-200L f4 really THAT much better?
Here's my conundrum...
I will be using the lens on a 300D, a comparatively light cam. The lens is for a lengthy globtrotting trip and will call my backpack home (=lighter is better). My big worry--I will NEVER be using a tripod or monopod. The lens is primarily for wildlife. I have never been able to shoot close up on a trip like this before and cannot decide if the extra 100mm would make or break the photo ops. That said, do you think the 70-200, hand held, fully zoomed would still produce consistenly better images than the 75-300IS? Thoughs on adding the 1.4x to it, or am I already in "shakey disaster" territory going hand held? Also, is the the 75-300 focus as painfully slow at 300mm as we are led to believe. I am an amature--think I'd be able to really tell the difference in speed?

I would like to stick to one of these lenses to take advantage of Canon's revate program (the bane of my existence). Today I pull the trigger on one of these 2 lenses. I highly value your opinions. What do you all think I should do?

Thanks much.
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I owned the 75-300 IS and sold it to buy the 70-200F4/L. The 70-200 is a superior lens IMO. I use the Tamron 1.4X Teleconverter to add some length to 70-200. I would not trade my 70-200 for the 75-300IS
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Yes, I hope you made the decision to get the 70-200 f4. It is that much better. Besides the superior optics the 70-200 f4L uses the much better Ring USM instead of the Micro USM in the 75-300 IS and the 70-200 is much better built.

The 75-300 IS is a $200 lens with Image Stabilization built in, which jumps the price to a level not that far below the 70-200 f4L. The 70-200 f4L is the best deal in "L" glass. The 75-300 IS is about the most overpriced lens for what you get.
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