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I know I read this somewhere before, but the angle of view on a particular lens remains the same regardless if it is on full frame or a crop sensor. Does that mean that the space in the view finder or picture is the same from left to right regardless of what type of camera it is on, but the magnification is all that changes? Meaning that a building would look largerdepending on the camera used.I am looking at the canon 10-22 which has a feild of view of 107 degrees which can only be used on the rebel, and the 17-40 F4L which has an angle of view of 102 degrees, can be used on film and full frame. Can someone try to explain that to me?
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You're on the right track of course. This is where the notoriously inaccurate phrase "crop factor" comes in.

The focal length of a lens stays the same regardless of whether it is used on a small or large sensor camara. But the angle of view changes.

So a 17mm lens on a large sensor (24x36mm) is 105 degrees. On a smaller sensor the 1.6 "crop factor" comes into play and to get that same angle of 105 degrees you need to use a lens of 17/1.6 ~= 10mm.

When using the 17mm lens on a small sensor camera it gives a narrower angle of view and gives a similar angle of view to a 28mm lens on a larger sensor camera. ~= 80 degrees I think.

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