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JimC wrote:
Nikon seriously underestimated demand for that lens from all outward appearances.

This one kind of scares me. By all accounts it's a great lens. But, what scares me a little is the DSLR and lens market is responding most to the entry level market - point and shoot photographers moving into DSLRs. I understand completely why manufacturers are doing this (the future of some companies relies on it). It's a great boon to the target audience of point and shooters but I'm afraid it also means less R&D going towards what I'll call prosumer and professional DSLR features.

Like it or not, megapixels, anti-shake andmegazoomtechnology are the hot button issues this market segment appears to be interested in. IMHO, I predict demand for live preview and video capability will soon follow suit - this same market segment has been used to those features in digicams and technology hurdles asside, I think they'll want it in DSLRs

Whatever happens, I think with all the players on the field now, it's going to be an interesting couple of years as the new DSLR players and 3rd party lens makers jostle for position (and some for survival).
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I think this new lens is probably a good move on Sigma's part.

My guess is that they saw the gap from demand for a lens in this focal range with stabilization and responded.

Heck, if you use the price search engines, you *still* don't see hardly anyone with the Nikkor 18-200mm VR in stock, and it started shipping around the end of last year. Vendors can't seem to keep them on the shelves.

Note that very few vendors even show up in the search engines, with "out of stock" showing for most.

Price Search for Nikkor 18-200mm VR

Then, if you look at larger online dealers like B&H, this lens is almost always backordered.

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Any idea when this will be released or what the price is for that matter?
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half a year waaaaaaiting :O

NOW Sigma 18-200 OS is cooooooming!

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you know something we don't :!lease let on


still no release date :sad:
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