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I debated for a while which forum to post this in and finally decided on this one so I hope it fits.

Currently I have a Panasonic FZ30 camera and I use Close-Up filters to shoot macros. (Nikon 4t and Raynox DCR250). I pretty much just use the camera for macros but lately with the help of a photography course I'm becoming more interested in other photography as well so I've been thinking of trading in the FZ30 camera for a Rebel XTi.

Macros are still the element of photography that I enjoy the most. I won't have an enormous lens budget especially right away but I am willing to invest some money to get good macros. My question is what kind of macro lens do I need to get pictures at the magnification I was getting with my previous setup? Everyone says a true macro lens will give me a lot sharper pictures than a zoom+close-up filter, is that accurate?

Anyways here is a link to a couple of pictures I took with my Panasonic setup that demonstrates the level of detail I was able to capture. (56K warning)


That's the level of detail I would consider a minimum from whatever macro lens I had, and ideally I'd like as much as possible. So basically I'm just wondering if anyone could recommend a lens to me that can achieve that or more and also if you could let me know how close the macro lens needs to be to the target to get pictures I would appreciate it as well. Most insects won't tolerate a lens bumping their nose, with the Paynox DCR250 I was about 3 inches back.

Anyways if someone can help I'd really appreciate it. The XTi sounds like a great camera and with my interest in photography growing I think I'd be best off making the jump to a dSLR.


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