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Several months have been gone while I was having a constant lack of distance in shooting. Therefore I started to think for another lans such as Macro or Zoom lens.

Is there a possibility that I can buy one lens for both purpose

Zoom and macro photography.

I would like to use this lens for shooting for examplethe animals which do not allow to come close but also would like to shot a small insects or flowers very close.... is it posible to use one lens for both purpose.

In my bag I have: Kit lens, prime 50mm and 28-70L all Canon for CanonEOS350D.

This time I'm looking for a non-expensive lens as my budged is very limited....

I was suggested the following lens to examine:

SIGMA 70-300 APO f4-5.6

SIGMA 70-200 f2.8 dg ex APO

Tamron 90mm macro

Sigma 105mm Macro f2.8 ex dg

Any comment or suggestion from your side would be appriciated...

Regds Zak
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Zak, Macro and tele lenses are very different. Tele lets you get close to an object far away. Macro lets you get very close to something already close. A "true" macro will allow you to focus on something close, and it will be the same size as it would be on a 35mm film neagtive as it is live. That's refered to as a 1:1 ratio. A 1:2 ratio is 1/2 life size on the negative. Some tele lenses will allow you to focus on a subject fairly close, but the ratio will probably only be 1:3, maybe less. Bottom line is that a macro lens will allow you to focus on bugs and have them look big. A tele will allow you to focus on a flower and have it appear big.
There are other options, such as extention tubes and macro filtersn and they are cheaper than a new lens. Post here if you can't find info on them.
PS: lookhere for an example of a flower shot with a tele lens.
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