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I know what you mean regarding limiting your wide angle search to a lens that is compatible on a full frame sensor DSLR.

Actually that is the reason why I bought a 28-135mm lens with my APC Canon 350D / Rebel XT camera. Because I didn't want to spend the a few hundred pounds of money on a lens that wouldn't work full frame.

My thoughts and feelings are very close to what peripatetic wrote in this thread http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=104605&forum_id=37&page= 1 (and I quote in orange)

"I see the xxD as having two upgrades; for the landscape and portrait shooters the natural upgrade is the 5D, for the action and wildlife crowd it makes sense to go 1DMkIIN.

The xxD are great in that they can cover both areas quite well. My main interests are landscape and portrait so the 5D is the one I'm looking at, but for action and wildlife a number of members here have already gone 1DMkIIN."

If I ever do upgrade (or as DSLRs will get cheaper and cheaper, also for sure full frame will become more affordable in the (hopefully near) future...) then I might get a full frame camera or possibly a 1.3x sensor camera.

With time and technology, a full frame has advantages of lower noise andbetter DOF control (easier to blur a background).

By the way, the link to MTF of that Sigma 12-24 wide angle zoom is here:


All the best,

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Just a few comments:

1. We're comparing several MTF's here and a full frame lens MTF can never be as good as a 'digital lens' only - That's a given since a digital lens will always have more contrast given how their image projection are striking the sensor

2. The MTF of super wide can never match that of the wide angle again because of the how the wider image are bent by the optics

-> Given theses limitation there's just no other lens like the 12-24mm for a full frame :idea:
(you can of course get a few primes - but even then there's not much choice either)


vs Canon 14mm: and 24mm:

The black curves are for Canon's primes wide open (Blues curves are for closed down to f/8) which correspond to the Sigma red(sagittal) and green(meridional) line @ wide open... When closed down to f/8 theses sagittal and meridional lines are bounded to move up as well
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