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Hi Robert and welcome to the forums!

Good to hear that you got the 70-300mm IS lens and all seems ok with your copy! I'd say with the third digit of the serial number being 3 and that "blue safety dot" next to the serial number on the box, you're "safe"! Glad to hear your tests confirm all is well.

Do post some photos taken with your lens for us to see if you want.

It seems like you got a good deal from David Leung. Also with the lens hood (they're horribly expensive and annoying to need to buy extra).

Well done.

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Robert H wrote:
Having waited formonthsIbought my 70-300 IS lenslast week from David Leung in Ilford (see his advert in a recent AP). I paid £400 which includedtheET-65B hood. The third digit of the serial no. is 3 and in addition there's a blue dot on the box next to the serial no.

I've done the test described above and everything looks OK.
First of all welcome to the forum!

I will check for the blue dot on the box whenI get home today. I have done some tests andmy lensseems ok too butI will do a few tests more before I declare the victory...:-)

I do have a couple of questions on the lens though. The focus is very fast and kind of abrupt and almost shakes the camera as it focuses? Is that normal?

Also, when IS is "ON" it makes some low level noise like something is moving inside the lens. Is that normal too?

AlpineMan, Paul and friends, I appreciate all of your helpful advice and encouragement. This forum is one of the most professional forums of its kind... You guys rock
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I've heard the "IS" on the older Canon 75-300, 70-200mm L, and 100-400mm L lenses. They all do make a sound when IS engages...like a whirring sound...just as you described...now quit worrying about your new lens and shoot! :lol:
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