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Hi all,
I apologize for the newb question, I usually do ALL my homework but this close to X-mas I'm out of time. I need a lens recommendation.

for a 30d (someday going full frame)
price range upto $500

Looking for a zoom that will allow me to capture the wild life in on the hill behind my house, as well as nice close up portraits of my daughter and wife.

I've seen some tele-photos have a macro switch on them to focus close. Those that dont but still have a 5' minimum focus, is that good enough? In that price range I realize I'm not getting wider than F4, but is there a BIG difference between 4 and 4.5?

Is IS that handy. Wont be shooting tripod out but I can balance a rifle for distance so I can balance a camera in a 3 point squat. I'm thinking 100 - 300mm???
I want to be able to fill a frame with a shoulder up portrait, my cats face, and close enough on the wild turkey on the hill.

I'm really torn about IS. How helpful is it if I'm not sling shooting chasing a celebrity?
Any and all input is greatly appriciated. Thank you.
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well with a $500 budget you are limited to two choices for a lens with IS. And one of those is a little over $500. The 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM is about $560 and the 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM is around $410. Just about every other Canon IS lens is going to beleast double you budget. These are prices from B&H website, so may be able to find a little cheaper somewhere, but B&H is a very trusted company. Also remember the 70-300mm is only f4 at the 70mm focal length, as you zoom the aperture gets smaller and will require more light ( longer shutter speeds). You have quite a few more options with out IS including some third party lensesfrom Sigma, Tokina, and Tamron, all of which are quite good. You can also maybe pick up the Canon 50mm f1.8 for those portrait shots, it is theequivilent of 80mm on a 35mm film camera and only costs around $80.
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I forgot to mention upfront I picked up the 50mm f1.4 for great background diffusion people shots but have since become uncertain of being able to get head shots without being in their face. I haven't had my hands around my camera in a while and I haven't received my new one yet so I don't remember just how much 50mm(80mm @1.6conversion) will yield.

Is there a chart somewhere on the web that details at X distance 1foot x 1foot square will fill the frame at Y mm zoom?
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