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So I'm looking to pick up a decent all purpose "walk-around" lens. I'm going to be doing some extensive traveling and I want to pack as lightly as possible in the photography department. I am planning on throwing in the 50, for portrait and what-not, cause it is small and light. I want to get a second lens with nice wide range. I don't have a ton of money to pour into canon pro glass, but I was considering the Sigma 18-200mm or the 28-200mm. I have read mixed reviews, but most seemed favorable for both lenses. I am leaning toward the 28-200 because the 18-200 is about $120 more, which isn't worth it to me for bit extra in the wide angle, and they seem similar in all other aspects.

Does anybody have any experience with either of these lenses, or comments to offer? Or can anybody recommend a similar lens? I know Tamron has a 18-200 but it is a bit more expensive and from what I have read the sigma is better received.

For the record it is going to be used on Rebel XT, lots of landscape shots, probably a little macro (but not really important) and some all around people mingling shots (which I will probably be leaning toward the prime anyway).

So is the 18-200 worth the extra money? Or more importantly should I avoid these lenses all together?

Thanks in advance for any info y'all can offer up.
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I don't own either of those lenses but I do own Sigma 17-70mm lens. I find 17-28mm range very useful for large groups inside and landscape shots. 28mm on a crop camera is not wide enough on the wide end. Based on your interests you mentioned I would say go with 18-200mm unless you are planning to get wider lens later. My 2 cents...
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sigma 18-200mm - http://www.photozone.de/8Reviews/len...3563/index.htm

tamron 18-200mm - http://www.photozone.de/8Reviews/len...3563/index.htm

tamron 18-250mm is a new lens with better previews then both of the above but it just started selling so no one really knows

there is also sigma 18-125mm that's getting mixed reviews http://www.photozone.de/8Reviews/len...3556/index.htm

I have NOT owned any of the above

just google the "18-250mm review" for instance - you'll read a lot of opinions.

Best bet though is to take your XT to a local camera store, get the lens and shoot at different focal length and apperture in store and outside , give the lens back , go home and look at the pictures you took. If you like what you see - buy the lens, if not, test other lenses of your choice. You can test a few lens in one shot. Dont forget to clean the sample they give you because usually it is a floor model and it always have dirty glass. not good for testing

Only you can decide if the lens works for you or not. Other people's oppinions worth nothing to you. That's why there are so many mixed reviews for all the lens. Some say - this lens is FANTASTIC others say the lens is a piece of @#$%.

it is time better spent then trying to find what everyone else out there thinks about the lens. you may also get oppinions from peoople who never used them but still have a word of advice because they read it somewhere else.
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Does anyone know why Canon hasn´t made this focal lenth? I own the 17-40L and 70-200L. I love both of these lens but I always miss a few great shots because I can´t switch lenses fast enough.

If I had a quality18-200 lens it would stay on my camera about 95 percent of the time!I have read a few reviews about Nikon´s 18-200. It sounds like a great lens. I am very temptedto switch to Nikon just to have this focal length. But, I love my Rebel XT and L lenses so I can hold off for a while.

Does Canon ever intend to give the focal length a try?

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Old Jan 30, 2007, 4:24 PM   #5
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there is one from tamron 18-250

This is announced and i am not sure if its in the market.

In case of FF u ahve the 28-350 from canon. One lens for everything
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Dave Moreheadif youre serious about changing to a nikon youd be best waiting a little while to see what happens with the Sigma 18-200mm OS if it ever gets launched.

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Thanks for the info. I can get by with my current lenses until the reviews of this lens are out. Sounds promising.

I am very curious why Canon won't touch this focal length but Sigma, Nikon, Tamron are giving it a try.

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