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I used my new 85mm 1.8 lens tonight to shoot high school basketball,

a few pictures turned out okay, but most of them focused on the fans, and

not the players, please tell me what I did wrong?? The fans were as sharp as

could be and the players all blurry. I had it at 1600 ISO on my Canon XT,

AI SERVO, at 1.8 to 2.0 and AWB. Thanks!
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Did you keep the AF sensors on the player(s)?
-> you should also program the camera for the center AF sensor only (it's easer to keep 1 sensor on the player)

Also unlike your trained eye, when multiple AF sensors are enabled, the camera can't tell the foreground from the background and it would focus on what it thinks to be the focus point is...
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Yep - NHL is right on. I BELIEVE the canon autofocus system looks at light levels first then contrast in order to determine a focus point.

Besides using single point only and keeping it on your subject, make sure you acquire and track your subject for a second before shooting - give the camera a chance to lock focus and start tracking. Also try to keep the center focus point on an area of contrast - sharpest focus would be if you could track the face but that often doesn't have a lot of contrast - so the collar of a jersey may be better - experiment. When you have some experience, your eye in the viewfinder will tell you when you're getting a decent focus - you'll see the player really snap!

And, don't be too hard on yourself - low-light sports shooting is VERY difficult - it really takes a lot of practice to hone your technique and get that sharp focus.
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Old Mar 7, 2007, 7:32 AM   #4
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My years of shooting Big10/NBA hoops suggest you use a 50mm and not the 85.
You'll have more DoF, and plenty of room for cropping later...

The trick of shooting fast moving sports in avail. light is to pre/zone focus...do not use AF...

...shooting from between the corner and the baseline will get you great shotsat the hoop to the baseline...shoot from mid-court and get greatdribble action, offensive and defense shots.

good luck...
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