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Ritz camera just put this on sale. How does this lens perform compared to others. I was planning to get a sigma 70-300 lens. Would this be a good investment? I'm just starting off so i'm not willing to fork over couple of hundred for a lens.
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I wouldn't count on it being good. But good is relative. You're not going to find anything too good that's 200mm or more for under $200.

Quantaray is sold exclusively at Ritz - I belive it's made by Sigma and possibly one other company consisting of their low end lenses. It's unclear if the quantaray versions of these lenses are the same quality and construction or not since, of course, Ritz doesn't provide construction information on the lenses.

Now, the sigma 70-300 (as long as it's the DO) is a decent lens for under $200. THe focus is a bit slow and it's soft from 200mm-300mm but you have to expect some things like that for under $200.

IMO, stay away from quantaray and stick to the major brands.
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Each to his own, but personally, I'd rather have one decent lens than 1/2 dozen mediocre ones.

I have no personal experience with the Quantary & as much as I like Ritz (truly), personally I wouldn't expect much.

Many of the best photos in the history of photography have been taken with a simple prime "standard" lens.

Why mess with mediorcre lenses?


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