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Hi all,

Just a general topic.

We all know about photozone.de and the Imatest results displayed there. They test the MTF 50 contrast results for sharpness, as I guess that has been the Leica standard of what makes a good lens since the early days.

But I have recently been playing with the lens tests over at http://www.slrgear.com/reviews/index.php

They use DXO optics to analyse the results. I must say, the interactive graphs are very interesting and particularly cool with the zoom lenses.

And many of their tests have been done at both 1.6x crop and full-frame.

The fantastic thing that it shows is how much money you have to pay for results at wide apertures. Even the crummiest cheapest lenses can be fantastically sharp if you use them at their optimal aperture. A lens like the Canon 55-200 which is really shocking as a rule is brilliant at f8-11 - giving results the equal of any lens in their lineup. Set your camera to Av and f10 and the results will be very impressive.

It's great fun to browse through and see how your favourite lenses perform.

And of course for users of DXO Optics it gives a fun indication of how they reverse-engineer their corrections from the test results.

Highly recommended as a way to while away some time when deciding what lens to get next.


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Ya i like DxO too but since i bought the 400D i can't download the modules for my Sigma 17-70 and Canon 70 300 IS, BTW how does photoshop CS compare with DxO.
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excellent site..for full frame users its very useful. Especially for those who wanna compare few lens on full frame.

I liked the graphical box and interactive way to determine the lens performance. I was planning to buy the 135mm for my 5D and was wondering how good it will perform.

The results are pretty amazing with the 5D i guess. Also i am assuming any lens performing better with 5D will perform even better with a 1.3X mark II.

Thanks perpatetic..great find..honestly i never knew this site before
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Interesting, ok im an ITtechie the graph bit is easy in flash although the codeer needs a slap my 70-200 lens had 5 points on the slider but only 4 readings, its also out of sync in the selection going from left to right orvise versa, hmm are all the sliders 1 segment out! hehe looks like they forgot 0 is the firstslot not 1 - im just being picky.

I liked DXO and creating filters for the PC from data obtained froma lens data seems like fun just one question for you guys- how is thedata obtained? from cards ? I dont know much about the lens testing although ive seen loads of graphs.. someone feed me some info or point me to a tutorial.

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