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You might opt for a bit less zoom for your wife. I have found the Canon 28-135mmIS to be a very competent and dependable lens. It is not as much zoom as the 70-200mm F 4.0 L lens, but it is very capable.

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I have the 70-200 canon f/4 l-series. I am learning to shoot sports. As for this lens I am finding out it's not to good when the sun goes down towards the evenings. That's my issiue. I do wish I had some more range, looking into it. Overall it's a great lens and photos are great when the sun is out. Sometimes I wish I had that 2.8. Good luck. John is the sports teacher.
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dmrogers, I have the 70-200 F4 L and it is an awesome lens, It also comes in IS now but is a bit more pricey for that version. In good outside light it is a great fast lens and it takes well to the EF 1X4 TC with very little degradation to the photos. With the TC you then have a reach of 280mm. I would recommend it.

However, as stated it is not a good lens for low light and dull conditions.

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