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pragmatichack Jul 26, 2007 12:14 PM

I ended up getting a 30D & 1785 (which i love) and im trying my hardest to control a serious lens addiction... or at least come up with a plan to feed it cheaply and efficiently. First stop is a fast prime for low light candids, my 1785 doesnt like being hand-held under party lights. Im thinking Sigma 30mm f1.4 for the 50mm FOV.

So anyway to my question - apart from the warranty, is there any major difference between a lens I might buy in Australia and a lens I might buy from a reputable dealer in Hong Kong or KL ? Do all the lenses come from the one factory / QA regime and simply get different serial numbers and warranties for different regions?

They appear to be about 2/3 our retail price (even haggling) so i gotta say its pretty tempting to roll the warranty dice if thats the only difference. As it happens I have family living in HK so they know where to shop and the trip is made a few times a year by someone or other...

Should I?

sepultura Sep 11, 2007 10:48 PM

Well most of my lenses are grey market, they're definitely cheaper than your regular warrantied lenses. I usually check it thoroughly, the manual focus, the AF performance, scratches/junk inside, etc before buying. I've been quite happy so far.

They're usually from the same factory. Nothing to worry about the build quality. A grey market lens is almost always the exact same as the warrantied one you'd pick up at a retail outlet.

pragmatichack Oct 17, 2007 5:43 AM

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I ended up getting a 70200 2.8 IS and a 580 speedlite from HK ebay. Top units - as described, super sharp and functioning beautifully. I think that if I stick to reputable ebay power sellers then I probably wont go too wrong... and i reckon upwards of 30% savings is worth the effort myself.

One question though... is the IS on the 70200 supposed to make a fairly audible click / whine as it activates? Ive read some posts somewhere reporting similar noises so im not overly worried... but i think i only have one shot at returning this lens and if the problem is a warning sign for a future failure id probably like it repaired quickly.

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