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peripatetic wrote:
One thing I have discovered is that I won't get AF confirmation with the Zeiss, not unless I use a special adapter which does some bridging (or something - NHL will know) of the contacts.
I'm afraid you already more aware than me here...
The last pin is for the minimum aperture, 4 pins are for power and grounds, and the other 3 are the CLK/data lines for the 2-way serial communicaton between the lens/body - What else can you short together?

I'm with JimC the new f/1.2L should be more than the Zeiss first because it's brighter for that MF in low-light, and 2nd it is now much faster in AF, and also has the distance encoder (another Minolta innovation BTW) which the old f/1.0L or my 85 f/1.2L didn't have to better work with flash in automatic (i.e. Advanced Distance Integration)

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I don't expect the Zeiss to be better, but I was looking for a cheap date. :blah:

It's only 1/3 the price and I figured that if the only thing I would be giving up was the AF then that might be a pretty good trade-off.

But *sigh* you're probably right, the L would be better. I'll have to let my photography fund accumulate for a few more months.
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