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I'm wondering what anyone can tell me about lens converters. Specifically the converter for FD to EF. Do the work? Do they change the image quality? I there something I should know before purchasing one? I have access to several FD lenses, but recently got the Canon XTi and realized it would be super if I could use the lenses I already have. Is this reccommend? Thanks for any input. I'm quite new to the DSLR world but loving it this far!!!!
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Well, as far a s I can remember, there was a post or two here a while ago about the converters. From what I rememeber the fd lenses will only be manual focus and may not focus to infinity using the converter. Also, I think exposure may be totally manual too. I have some nice canon fd glass and wished I could use them with my 20D and 30D but, I don't want to go backwards and I want the full focus range of the lenses.


p.s. My opinion is not to bother. Try selling the fd glass and equipment and purchase some full function ef lenses. But, that's just my opinion.
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Agree - The conversion from FD to EF works best on a macro lens where the focus range is limited and the AF (or auto exposure) is not needed ortherwise don't bother
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