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Hi everybody I'm looking for some advice on buyingacanon 28- 135mm IS or the canon 17-85mmIS lens to go with my canon 70-300mm IS lens I already have for my 40d Thanks to all ,Aan
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You need the 17-85mm for true wide angle coverage. Keep in mind your 1.6x conversion factor. There is also a new 17-55mm f2.8 IS if your budget can handle it.
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Hi Aan,

I have the 28-135mm lens, and I love it. But I've also seen many people happy with the 17-85mm lens. In general I'd say that for most people's photography the 17-85 covers a more appropriate zoom range (wider end).. and it matches your existing 70-300mm (less "overlap" - with more on the wide end).

I got the 28-135mm lens (rather than 17-85mm) because:
a) it was much cheaper when I was buying it
b) I bought my Canon 350D with kit lens (going to 18-55mm).
c) I wasn't sure if I would ever go full frame (now I doubt I'll ever go full frame, esp with the release of the 40D... and we'll see what the 50D brings! :?
d) a lot of my shooting at that stage was for children camps, and I prefer close ups / portraits (candids) of children rather than "posed group shots" - so I used the 135mm end MUCH more than the 18mm (or 17mm) range.
e) I now have the 10-20mm Sigma, which gives me a real ultra-wide "wide angle" option, and I have a good match of lenses for my various needs (i.e. if I go on a "landscape photo-shooting outing" I take my 10-20mm with 28-135mm lens OR if I go possibly where wildlife / birds might be, I take the 28-135mm with my 100-300mm lens)

Hope this helps. Both 17-85mm and 28-135mm lens perform VERY similarly in terms of sharpness, focus speed / accuracy (both have USM) both have IS- the 17-85 is newer and slightly more effective. Both same build quality. Both have similar max aperture settings.

28-135mm is 72mm filter size, 17-85mm is 67mm size. That might come into things if you have lots of useful (& / or expensive filters)...



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Thanks Paul for sharing your knowledge and the great advice, I truly appreciate it,Alan
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In most respects it seems obvious that you should go for the 17-85.

It is essentially the same lens as the 28-135 but made for the crop cameras.

You already have the 70-300 so you have full coverage there, but you will be missing out on any wide-angle shots with the 28-135.

So if you're not sure then definitely go for the 17-85.

On the other hand this will likely be the lens that you keep on your camera most of the time. So if you don't need wide-angle and prefer the equivalent 35mm range of 45-200 then the 28-135 is a good deal. For some people (empirically I would suggest a minority) that is the range they like to work in.

But I repeat, if you are not sure then choose the 17-85.
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May be a different option (why not both? i.e. have your cake and eat it too):
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Thank you peripatetic I'm definetly going with the 17-85mm. Almost all the advice I've had seems to bring out the same reasons for chosing that lens over the 28-135, thanks again,Alan
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hi how did you know about 17x55? it is more expensive but uses less light...
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