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i am seriously considering whether to get this lens or not but some questionsare holding me back.

is a tripod necessary for this lense in low light??

is this a good "walk-around" lense??

does this lense work well in low light without a tripod??

My main question is how this lense will work depending on the amount of light...such as lowlight restaurants to museums or even in shadowed areas on a sunny day.

I am looking to shoot city-life or "urban" pictures with this lense and i was wondering if this is a good use for this lens...what is this lens primarily used for?

Replys from users who have actually used this lense would be preferred but any information is still greatly apreciated. thanks

And if theres anything you can add regarding problems with this lense.
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I wish you would give us some more detail on what exactly it is you like to shoot. The 70-200 f4 (assuming you will be using a digital SLR)becomes a 110-320mm lens with the 1.6x multiplier. This will not do you much good in museums or restaurants unless you need to shoot close ups from far away. Not exactly sure what you mean with "urban life" either, but again, I have the feeling this may be too much telephoto.

Does this lens perform well in low light? Well, no, probably not. If you really need to shoot in low light, the 70-200 f2.8 IS might be more suited for your needs.

Is this a good walk around lens? No, probably not either. It's somewhat large and heavy, and has limited use being a telephoto lens when you are in the city.

Are there any problems with this lens? Not, not really, it's built like a tank and takes wonderful pictures. But I think most people would not call it a walk around lens nor a lens suitable for shooting low light city life.

From the sound of it, you need something along the lines of a 17-55 f2.8 IS or 17-85 f4-5.6 IS, the latter being in a similar price range as the lens you are asking about.
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I agree.

While the 70-200 f4 is an outstanding lens a 70-200 of any kind seems a very poor fit for most museum and 'restaurant' shooting. The 17-55 2.8 would be a much better fit.

The 17-85 mentioned isn't going to be a great fit for low light. Yes it has IS but it is only a 5.6 apertue lens and it will hunt quite a bit in low light without focus assist.
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