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I just bought an XT, body only. I have 2 lenses from my Rebel film camera: a 28-105 and a 100-300, both canon. I shoot mostly kids sporting events, cheerleading, softball, and generic family/vacation/landscape photos. I am also considering a 430 EX flash. Are these lenses suitable for my purposes, or are there others I should consider? Budget for lenses is around $500.
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I'd probably use what you've got and see where you may find your needs lacking before spending a lot of money. If you wanted to shoot more in low light, you may want something brighter. If you wanted to shoot more in closer quarters, you may want something wider. If your focus speeds are not fast enough for the sports you're shooting, you may want something faster. If you're shooting at night in a stadium, you may need an f/2.8 zoom to get fast enough shutter speeds.

I'd figure out where your existing lenses are letting you down first. Then, decide what the best areas to upgrade in would be.

Your lenses will appear to be longer on a DSLR. That's because a model like the XT uses an APS-C size sensor that is smaller than 35mm film. So, you'll have a narrower angle of view (more apparent magnification) for any given focal length.

Just multiply the focal length of a lens used on the XT by 1.6x to see what focal length lens would be neeed on a 35mm camera give you the same angle of viiew.

For example, your 28-105mm lens would behave more like a 45-165mm lens from an angle of view perspective. That's one reason you'll see the kit lenses included with most DSLR models starting out at around 18mm (because they'll appear to be longer).

So, you may end up wanting a lens starting out wider than 28mm, depending on the conditions you shoot in more often (you can only back up so far and still get what you want in the frame for some subjects). But, many people find that 28mm works OK.

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From the results now being published you should obviously rush out and buy one of the new 18-55 IS lenses (almost as sharp as lenses 5x the price) and a flash.

Combine with a copy of DXO optics to automagically correct any other issues the lens may have.
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