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k im getting a canon xt with 18-55mm lens soon, and i was thinking down the road i would be liking an extension from such a lens, so i was looking into 55-200mm lenses

there are three

the sigma $150

the tamron $180

the canon $200

ive read reviews on the sigma and tamron, and they both are known for exceptional image quality that you wouldnt expect from their price

i was wondering if anyone had experience with a lot of these and which is the best, im leaning towards the sigma at the moment, thanks!
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u cud wait for the canon 55-250 with a IS and at a cost around 200$ more than he current price(from what i see with 18-55 IS lens)

and in fact...extend bit and get the 18-55 IS instead of 18-55.

This new lens is sharperthaneven the L lens in that range from tests...and wait till usave enuff and get the soon to be release in US 55-250 IS lens


The MTF is really Good for this range...and its cheaper with a IS.


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thanks for the reply, and the camera is already here (for me as a Christmas Present, they ship their stuff with "B.H." on the tape lol) but the 18-55 IS is out of the picture but its alright with me

the 55-250 looks like a great lens i will definately keep that in mind when buying my next lens

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
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I have the Tamron 55-200. It's not a badlens in bright sunlight (in fact I have quite a few nice sharp shots), but in any kind of light that verges on the dull things start to go downhill.

If you are aware of its limitations and plan on shooting on sunny days, for the £80 I bought it for, it's a bargain.
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