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Hi Guys,

I'm now in receipt of my new D300 and boy am I chuffed to bits1

After upgrading my camera I now looking to get a good quality prime lens for portait work, to do my camera justice!

Ideally I would plump for Nikon glass but at the moment it's out of my price range.
After doing a bit of research i've discovered this Sigma lens:

Sigma 150mm f2.8 APO Macro DG EX HSM

It's appears to have very good reviews and I'm assuming it could also double for portraits.

Does anyone have any experience with this lens or could they reccomend an alternative?

Many thanks!
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There's portraits and then there's portraits.

There's 'head and shoulders' portraits, full body portraits, and environmental portraits (and maybe some others.)

While the Sigma 150/2.8 is a fine lens, I'm inclined to say that it's too long for portraiture. For film and full frame cameras, 'Portrait' lenses have always been in the range of85-105mm. For a camera with an APS-C image sensor, that would be around 55-70mm. You can certainly use any lens you want for portraiture, but if you want to shoot portraitswith a 150mm lens while indoors, you'll probably need tobe in the next room.

I suggest you browse through the People Photosforum to see what lenses others are using for the kinds of portraits you want to shoot.
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longside1 wrote:
Does anyone have any experience with this lens or could they reccomend an alternative?
I have the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro - Excellent lens in all respect however like Tcav says it might be too long for indoor portrait... (Outdoor it'll be perfect though)

You might want to check this one out instead indoor if you still want to double as a macro:

-> It's sharper still than the 150mm (albeit without HSM):
"SQF numbers showed sharpness and contrast in the Excellent range, with noticeably better performance, especially at higher magnification, than, for example, Canon's recently tested (and superb) 60mm EF-S 1:1 lens. In fact, the Sigma is one of only a handful of lenses today that pulls down SQF numbers within the 90th percentile all the way out to our maximum magnification (20x24 inches)"
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A 150mm lens is too long for portraits, especially on an APS sensored camera. On the D300, the 150mm will be about equivalent to 225mm.

I would look instead at the Nikkor 85mm f1.8. Not overly expensive and will have an equivalent focal length of about 128mm.

I use the 85mm, but on a FF camera, and I like it very much.
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