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Is it possible to make a lens of this type. As a example lets say 70-200mm f 2.0. or is this type of lens technically impossible or financially not worth it for most users, hence no finacial gain for Canon, Sigma, etc... thanks
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In general, an f/2 zoom is going to be too large to be practical.

Olympus is the only manufacturer with f/2 zooms for DSLR models right now. But, it's a bit more practical to do this with the 4/3's system cameras (since their sensors are smaller than the APS-C size sensors found in competing DSLR models, a lens doesn't need to project an image circle as large to cover it).

This also makes lenses appear to be longer. For example, a 35-100mm lens on an Olympus dSLR would give you the same angle of view you'd have using a 70-200mm lens on a 35mm camera (multiply by 2x to see how they compare).

Here are listings for the two f/2 zooms for these cameras (the 14-35mm is not yet in stock with most vendors in the U.S.).

Olympus Zuiko 14-35mm f/2 listing at B&H for $2299.95

Olympus Zuiko 35-100mm f/2 at B&H for $2199.95

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Possible, but not plausible or really valuable.

Weight is going to be really silly for such a lens. Let's take a look at the closest comparisons we can get.

Canon 200mm f2.8 = 800g

Canon 70-200mm f2.8 (non IS) = 1300g

This makes the zoom 62.5% heavier. Now I'm not saying this is a hard and fast percentage but a zoom is always noticeably heavier than a prime.

The new 200mm f2 from Canon is 2520g so if it where the same % to take to a zoom then we get to 4095g not light. Then we get to price....... are you sitting comfortably?? I wouldn't like to guess but I wouldn't be surprised at $12,000+

There is only a very specialist market for the 200mm f2 let alone a zoom at f2. Not saying it wouldn't be nice just not likely.

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Yeah thanks guys. I was looking at the weight of the Zuiko lens. The 35-100 is 1650g, can only imagine if that was 200mm. The weight of the lens does not bother me, but the obvious price is a death sentence for my mortgage payments. But they do exist, the 35-100 would be a dream in my camera bag.
Thanks Jim and Mark
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