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Default Sigma EX 70-200mm Lens

Well finally got my lens today at work. Wasnt really expecting until tomorrow so I didnt have much battery life ready for it to give it a full test as I wanted to.

Anywho, did some test shots inside and outside. And I have to say, I wasnt overly impressed :? I did test shots outside with flowers/bees at around 350-500th of a second. And about 9 out of 10 came out lousy. The camera locks in very quickly with its AF and looks crystal clear, but then the picture is just blah. Something wrong here?

Ive noticed with flash enabled, I was able to capture some high detailed pictures (cats, stuffed animals) But when I use flash, of course it sets it to an fstop of f/4.0. Does this have anything to do with it? Could it be I may be standing too close to the subject evne though its in focus?

I really dont wanna rag out my first sigma lens without giving a chance nor me knowing how to use it in the first place...

Ill try to give it a fair chance tomorrow from work at my lunch break. Or if not, Ill try this weekend.
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You did not give us a lot to go on! How about posting a few of those you weren't happy with and tell us what you did. That lens and that weight take some getting used to. If you move at all it will show you in the results. Try a few off the tripod before you blame the lens.
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I use the 70-210f2.8 almost all the time (a bit heavier than the 70-200) and the outcome was mixed in the beginning.
But after you get used to the weight (as mentioned before) you will get the best shots out of the lens.

When shooting at 210mm wide open 1/350 is much too slow to start out with, always take 2x the mm, so 1/420 should be save.

HOWEVER still than you have to keep the lens very very still.

Getting bees is always a bigger problem than you think.
Due to the small object and the closeness you will have a very shallow DOF, you better use a Macro lens for that work.

Start out with some normal shots, like cars etc. and get used to the good results.

Look at www.doorhof.nl for some 70-210 shots.
I love it and will NEVER sell it.

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Tom & Frank are right especially up close where the camera shake is magnified and the DOF is near zero @ wide open! I have the same EX 70-200 f/2.8 HSM lens and have got excellent result.

But after you get used to the weight (as mentioned before) you will get the best shots out of the lens.
After all isn't this what we've all paid for in an f/2.8 (it's actually lighter than the competition)? There's a lot of glass for that big aperture!!! :P
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try the lens with tripod, use S mode to control your shutter speed or A mode to set your desired aperture, compose the shoot... also try this, shoot some landscape with this lens at minimum aperture @200mm, make sure use the tripod, see if you like the results... cheers
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