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I currently have a Canon EOS 350D with 18-55 kit lens. I have owned this camera for almost three years and have decided it's about time I learnt how to take photographs properly rather than just using full auto mode.

In about six weeks I am going to the Goodwood Festival of Speed which is a motorsport event here in the UK and I am looking for some advice onwhat lenses I willneed to make the most of this event and future motorsport events. There will be lots of static displays of racing cars but you have to get up really close as they are quite close together in the pits. What would be the best lens for this type of situation (presumably a wide angle lens like the Canon EF-S 10-22?). I will also want to take photos whilst the cars are on the move on the track probably from some distance away so presumably I will need some sort of telephoto lens?

I am also wondering about possibly changing my camera and buying something like a second hand EOS 1D MK II to get full frame rather than the 1.6 crop factor?

I am also interested in taking landscapes so I would ideally like whatever I buy to work here also.

Would very much appreciate your comments and advice for a beginner starting out.

All the best,
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Dredd123 wrote:
I am also wondering about possibly changing my camera and buying something like a second hand EOS 1D MK II to get full frame rather than the 1.6 crop factor?
The 1D MrkII is not a full frame, but a 1.3x camera...
-> You'll need to step up to a 1Ds MrkII for that or a 5D

IMO if you're not limited by the dynamic range staying with a 1.6x and getting a right lens for it will cost you less than a full-frame with a wrong lens as a full-frame camara is very demanding on the lens outside of their center "sweet spot"...
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It's better to invest in good lenses first. A 350D is good enough to start with.

A Canon 10-22 lens for closeup images distorts the image quite a lot. I would stick with your current lens first, and later, when you know what you really need, buy that. For landscapes is the 10-22 a great lens, though.

For motorsports you will need quite a bit more reach. I've switched recently from a Sigma 50-500 EX tele, to a Canon 100-400 L IS. The AF unit is faster on the Canon, and can be much faster thanks to a focus limiter wich keeps the hunting down. The IS helps a lot for handheld shooting.
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