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Bought a canon xsi with the 18/55 lens kit to try. I am new to DSLR and the quality and sharpnessof the lens kit looks great to me in comparison with the point and shoot cameras that I've had. I am thinking about taking back the lens kit and getting a more versatile lens. So taking in mind that the 18-55 seems good to me in terms of sharpness and quality...I am looking for a lens which provides more zoom capabilities. Right now, I am not wanting to be constantly changing lens (still concerned over the dust getting in) and also, I really don't want to lug around a camera bag with a bunch of lenses (did that in my younger days with my slr). I bought the canon xsi becuz I really like the weight. I was comparing (and still am) the canon with the Sony a300, but I really prefer the light weight canon. I was in a car accident and I find that a heavy camera makes my hands tired and sore after a short while. I shoot in aperture/shutter priority mostly, but also use programmed mode too..so I want the lens to be able to use the autofocus as well as manual mode, I want to be able to zoom in and I want the IS feature. I was considering the EF-S 17-85 USM IS or the EF 28-135 USM IS. I was interested in the Sigma or Tamron18-200 but I am not sure how a non-canon lens would work..would the autofocus and lens stablizer work or would it work in manual only..? Also worried about the weight of the 18-200. The Canon -L lenses (professional) are really too expensive for me. I want a good carry-around lens that I can use indoor and outdoor. Has anyone used these lenses and if so, what is your opinion and recommendation? Also, does the canon xsi use just EF -S lenses or can they use just EF ?

Thanks for any advice that you can give!!
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well as no ones answered you, i can help with the last bit, on the xsi you can use ef-s or ef lens's (ive bought the 70-300 IS USM Canon) you can check the weight of each lens and see if that weight is ok
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I'd probably avoid the Sigma and Tamron 18-200mm choice. If you really want a "super zoom" type lens like that, I'd look at the newer Tamron 18-250mm instead. It's a much better lens compared to the older 18-200mm models, with good center sharpness throughout most of the zoom range. But, it's still a compromise in some areas (for example, edge softness at some focal lengths and aperture, CA, and distortion, especially on the wide end).

None of the lenses you've mentioned so far are ideal in low light either. They're just not bright enough for that purpose (down to a widest aperture of f/5.6 or slower by the time you zoom in much with one).

My advise is to use what you have for a while before making any lens decisions that you may regret. You want to get a feel for the strengths and weaknesses of the kit lens first (which is a pretty sharp lens for a kit lens).

No one lens is going to be ideal for all conditions. They're all a compromise in one area or another (focal range, brightness, size, weight, cost, sharpeness at various focal lengths and apertures, distortion, edge softness, CA, AF speed, build quality, etc.). ;-)

But, if you use what you have for a while, you'll get a better feel for any limitations you're running into, and can make better informed decisions later on what lenses may be better suited for the shooting you like to do more often.

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i have the xsi also (nice camera) i recently bought the tamron 28-300 vc. take a look at it . the vc is really good. being able to handhold at 300mm and have no blur is amazing. 28mm is not all that wide but a lot better than 75mm.
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There is also the Sigma 18-125 OS which would give you image stabilization. The kit lens is a very good lens and match that with a 55-250 then you have two good lens with a focal range of 18-250. They're light and will add only another $290. That's a lot cheaper than replacing the kit lens without adding any increase in image quality.

Canon is coming out with an 18-200 this fall, from reports, but that will most likely be the same price as the Nikon at over $700.

Oh, you also discussed weight as a major issue. Those large focal length lens weigh quite a bit more....as does the 17-85 compared to the kit lens.
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