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Hello canon-eers
Recently bought a Rebel XSi with the 18-55mm IS lens kit. Plan to sell my 18-55mm IS lens. But before i do so i need some advice on other lenses.
Looking @ Canon 85mm f1.8/2
canon 55-200 mm IS lens
tamron 18-250mm f4-5.6
canon 100mm f2.8
no doubt i will need at least 2, but for now i need 1.
which would be a good walk about lens.
I am presently using my sigma28-200mm f3.5-5.6 from my canon 7e, but i want to keep this on my 7e rather than switchhing back and forth with only 1 lens.
I will be using my XSi for picnics, birthdays, occasional sports, indoor paries.
I am aware that one lens will not cover the whole spectrum but we all need at least one on the camera at all times to cover stuff that may happen before we can do a lens change. I also like macro flowers and some scenic shots when i go for walks and camping. I am leaning towards the 85 or 100mm or 18-250. Does tamron make a stabilised 18-200/250, coz you never know when hand shake appears. Cant afford L series!!! My 18-55 is not that bad but the focus ring is on the outside of the lens so i cannot manual focus with a polariser so there goes some scenic sky shots. Why would canon do a silly thing like that?
Thanks in advance for your advice which i will greatly appreciate.

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Get a 50mm F/1.4 USM and forget about all others for now. This lens will make photography FUN and also teach you how to shoot in manual mode. IS is not necessary with this great lens. You will be itching for more primes in no time.
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Thank you for your response Goofas.
I already own a 50mm f1.8 prime on my canon m/f film camera and yes its bloody sharp and really nice. Too bad there is no adaptor from M/F to DSLR.
I have been scouring the net and saw 2 more lenses.
Canon 28-135mm ISUSm
Canon 35-135mm
Any feedback from anyone who may use either.

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Well there ARE FD->EF mount adapters.

e.g. http://www.rugift.com/photocameras/c...os-adapter.htm

If your concern with the 18-55 IS (which is a lovely little lens) is that the front element rotates when focusing then you should be very careful that you don't replace it with a lens that does exactly the same thing. The reason they do this is that it's cheaper to make.

Your selection is a bit eclectic.

I think that the lens you already have is a very good walk around lens, better than everything you listed as an alternative.

If you want a better walk-around then perhaps have a look at the Tamron 17-50 f2.8.

But from your stated interests I would keep the 18-55 IS and add the 100 f2.8 Macro, which is a superb Macro lens and will also give youa nice medium telephoto for tight portraits.

Alternatively adding a good tele-zoom would expand your range. Something like the 70-300 IS.

Another possibility (if you used to like the 50mm on your film camera) is the 28mm f1.8 which is a fast (both in aperture and AF), solid and lovely little lens (28*1.6=45mm) for a fast normal prime.
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thanks for you response "peripatetic"
and more for the link of adaptors
right now i am contemplating buying a FD/AF-eos adaptor and trying a FD lens, some of the older lenses are solidly built with very good optics but may be missing dispersion devices
but you were right the 18-55mm lens is pretty darn good
i think i got a tad anxious as i got used to my previous 12x superzoom and this has a way shorter zoom.
but i gotta out and practise
have a good of whatever is left of summer
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