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Hello members
Finding canon lenses kinda pricey !! Rght now i dont have the budget but do plan on saving up some $$$$ for the future.
Was looking at an alternative thats cheaper.
Saw that some companies are making adaptors for older canon fd lenses(got the link from someone in this forum, so thank you) of which i have a 28 and 50mm used on my T50 film camera.
Will the combo work on my Canon Elan 7E as well?
Has anyone used such a combo???
Will it work on an efs mounts because efs mounts supposedly have a shorter back focussing plane???
I was looking at a 75-210mm fd / 100-300mm fd ( priced 50-150 bucks and the adaptor is like 25 bucks)
May use it mainly outdoors and sometimes if no other option then indoors
Ido understand the newer lenses are better coated and have dispersion and other light elements but the older lenses are fabulous glass and built solidly out of metal
I shoot a variety of stuff macro/scenery/few sports/indoor parties(will use my 18-55mm IS for that)
I am in a dilemma coz now i wondering if i should have bought the Pentax K200 which takes any pentax mount lens with limited capabilities but all lenses work effectively well and the in-camera 'stabilazation' will stabilize every lens. I know in-lens stabilization is better but sometimes costs and practicality will butt heads and choices have to be made.
Would greatly apprecite any advice and thank all those in advance for thier kind responses.

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If you want infinity focus with an FD lens to EF mount body adapter, from what I can tell from a quick browse through posts elsewhere, you'll need to go with an adapter with optical elements in it (which will probably mean some extra magnification, some loss of light and some optical degradation). Otherwise (adapter with no optical elements), you'll end up losing infinity focus. You can remove the optical elements of some brands from what I can find out (if you don't care about infinity focus).

Here's an example of one with 1.3x magnification from Adorama. You also lose a stop of light with this type. Reports are mixed (with some users saying that it has too much loss of quality).


Another consideration is that you may find the XSi viewfinder to be lacking for AF accuracy unless you go with a third party split prism type screen.

As for your model being EF-S mount, I don't think that makes any difference (that's only so that you can mount an EF-S type lens with a closer registration distance and shouldn't impact EF mount lenses or adapters designed for EF mount on your body).

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Thank you Jim

I have read and always admired your previous responses and i was hoping you would respond.

I believe i may just have to bite the bullet for now and use what i have to thye best of my ability and learn from practise,and just save up for a Canon lens and thus stay away from the hassles that arise with 3rd party lenses and adapters and other gizmos.

I know there are some fine 3rd party lenses used by pros ( definitely not me )and hobbyists( yup thats me) but i am a firm believerin the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid )

Thanks once again for clearing up some doubts.


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There is another option. You can buy adapters from Nikon, Olympus, M42 screw & Yashica/Contax, Pentax K mounts to EF(named EOS on ebay), because the flange distances of those lenses are 46.5mm, 46mm, and 45.5mm, while the Canon EF(EOS) is 44mm.
(You would need to modify the Pentax K slightly, so it doesn't connect with a 5D mirror(!!!!) This may be too much trouble)

So instead of NOT ending up using FD lenses but buying new EOS lenses, you could buy some budget priced MF Nikon, Olympus, Yashica and M42 lenses!!!!
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