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From reviews I've read, optical quality is outstanding with it. It's only major downside seems to be AF speed on Canon and Nikon bodies, since the built in focus motor in the lens seems to be a bit on the slow side compared to Canon's USM or Sigma's HSM in similar lenses (or that's the impression reviewers seem to have anyway). On a Sony body, this lens will use the camera body's AF motor instead. So, it may turn out to be a pretty decent choice in Sony mount (although we'll have to wait on user feedback to see how fast it's AF is on different bodies). The Pentax version of it will also use the camera body's focus motor instead.

Tamron decided to go with a built in motor in the lens for the Nikon mount version of it, probably for compatibility with the entry level models like the D40, D40x and d60; even though other Nikon bodies have an AF motor in the camera. From a marketing perspective, that probably makes sense (giving entry level Nikon body owners a much less expensive alternative to a Nikon 70-200mm with AF-S).

In any event, it's nice to see more competition in this lens niche.

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I was interesting to me that one fellow was going to sell his 70-200 f/4 Canon L series non IS lens infavor of this one. That was the lens I was comparing this one to. The wide end of my 17-85 Canon IS also has noticable barrle distortion, and I'm wondering what you would recomend as the best lens for the buck at the wide end?

Thanks Dean
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bestofdean wrote:
I was interesting to me that one fellow was going to sell his 70-200 f/4 Canon L series non IS lens infavor of this one.
This is probably the most popular lens on ebay...
-> It's an L and very affordable but if you need f/2.8, f/4 won't cut it so this lens usually end up in the 2nd hand market more often than not.

The Tamron is also the lightest, but the Sony does have a very powerful stepping motor and very demanding on the internal gearing of the lens - It's fast but watch out for 'plastic' gear... I hope they use some metal one instead, but then one has 6 years to find out
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