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I have been looking online to find a 77mm lens protector, not a filter that blocks

out UV, but just a protector that would protect the lens from dust, chips, scratches.

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Use a lens hood or use a UV filter, digital is not generally susceptible to UV problems, but they don't really make clear glass filters, so people continue to use the UV filters for protection.

77mm is quite large, be careful that you don't put a cheap piece of rubbish in front of an expensive lens, thereby reducing the quality to a point where you may as well have bought a cheaper lens in the first place. If you are going to use a UV filter then make sure it is of a quality commensurate with the lens it is "protecting".

I don't generally use them myself. But I think we've had about 20 threads debating this, just doa search.
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Peripat is right. I though use a cheap filter just to protect the inner elements. I almost always remove the filter before shooting. I have the filter while i carry it around.

I have the patience to do this. So either get yourself a costly worth while protector or be patient
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