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Default 28-70 vs. 24-70

A fellow canon newbie has the option to buy either of these lenses:

Used (8/10 rating) Canon EF 28-70 L for $800 (USDollars)


Used (8/10 rating) Canon EF 24-70 L for $1050 (USDollars)

If the condition of the two is the same, they are both L glass.
Obviously one is older than the other.
The 24-70 has the better weather seal.
Neither has IS since it's not available on either.

That has exhausted my knowledge base.

What advice would you give Ben?

Faithfully Yours,
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It would be most helpful to know the camera your friend is going to mount these two lenses on? If he has a full frame camera, I would choose the 24-70mmL glass lens, because it would provide a greater wide angle format.

However, if your friend is using an APS-C imager based DSLR camera, then neither of these lenses would seem to be really appropiate. The 24-70mm lens would effectively be a 38.4mm to 112mm lens, expressed in 35mm terms and offer almost no real wide angle format at all.

The other lens, when used on an APS-C imager equipped DSLR camera, would effectively become a 44.8mm to 112mm lens, expressed in 35mm terms would be in worse from a wide angle point of view.

Sarah Joyce

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The 24-70 is a newer lens and better.

Quick comparison.

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Has he considered the new Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX HSM?

Don't I remember seeing you mention that you have one of those now?

Here's a review of it with some tests showing how it compares to the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L in a variety of areas:


The Sigma came out on top in that review (compared to the Canon, not to the Nikkor or Sony/Zeiss lenses they also tested), and it's only $899 brand new at most vendors (less than the price for that used Canon 24-70mm). Now, you will sometimes see some sample variation between lenses. For example, if you look at the verdict section for the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L review at photozone.de, they said they saw 4 of those Canon lenses come through their labs over two years and only one of them was within spec. ;-)


You may see the same thing with a Sigma (QC problems are not uncommon). But, if you're buying one new, you'd have a warranty on it (and if you're buying from a reputable dealer with a good return policy and get one that doesn't work as well as it should, you could just have them swap it out for another one).
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