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Originally Posted by peripatetic View Post
Looks like it is focussing pretty much correctly. There are certainly no major issues.

As you are using a 5DMkII you can use the microadjustment to fine-tune your focus. If you place things on more of a slant, or use a ruler you can get a more precise view.
Peripatetic: YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!

It took me a while to figure out how to get to the microfocus operation.

Directions for anyone who needs them:
Set your camera to AV mode

Hit the menu button.

Use the toggle joy stick to get to the second to last box on the top row. It's between the Wrench Box and the Star Box.

Go down to the C.FN III: Autofocus/Drive

Hit the set button (center button inside the Big Wheel on the back of the camera)

I chose adjustment by lens

Then I corrected my front focus problem by going to +12

Even more amazing.... The camera remembers this setting! So when I change lenses it goes back to zero, but when i put the lens back on, it knows to go back to the +12.

Anyway, the result is in the attached photo.

Again, thanks to everyone who help educate me on this journey and special thanks to Peri for the micro adjustment advice.
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