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Default lens confusion

Hello Canon-eers
I own a Rebel XSi and a film Elan 7E.
Presently i own * canon 18-55mm IS lens ..made in Japan * << canon 28-135mm IS lens >> {{{ sigma 70-300mm non IS lens }}}
Replacing the 18-55 with the 17-85mm is
the 70-300 with the 55-250mm is
and use the 28-135 on my film
>> was also looking at the
sigma 18-250mm os lens
tamron 18-270mm VC
canon 18-200mm is
as walk around lenses with lesser lens changes esp on hikes during camping or nice weather walk-a-abouts
PLS NOTE.....i have mentioned any L series lenses are they are out of my max 500 buck budget
type of pix
landscape, some portraits, birthday and events, macro like flowers but no insects, they creep me out, maybe walk in the woods wildlife or the zoo,
some sports maybe outdoors and if indoors then i have to improvise
i like the 300mm range but 250-270 should suffice
any thoughts of the lens u suggested
have been checking EPINIONS for reviews but i think this forum would give me a more honest and less complicated opinions

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I have a eos 1 and a t1i

The EF-s 55-250mm IS is a pretty sharp lens, I have it and a ef 70-300mm USM IS. I like the 55-250 for traveling as it is allot lighter.

My walk around lens it the 28-135 if I bring only one lens even on the crop body. I can live with the 28mm. And I find it to be a very good lens, and very fast in focusing. But If I ever decide to add a 10-20mm sigma or tokina ultra wide angle. It would be a very complementary set up.

The tamron 18-270 VC is a very good megazoom lens. Very popular in Germany and have receive several awards. It may not perform as well as 2 lens covering a similar range. But it is still very good. If I had to chose between the 3 megazoom lenses, the tamron would me my pick. But if you do go with a mega zoom, I would skip the ef-s 55-250mm. It may be doubling up on the same range.
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The superzoom lenses are definately convenient, but they're not as good as multiple lenses of less ambitious zoom ranges. If you only want to carry around one lens and can avoid the shortcomings (rectilinear distortion at the wide end, chromatic aberration at the long end, and soft images at both ends) then the Tamron 18-270 VC is the best of the bunch.
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