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Default Vacationing in the UK - what lens for T1i to take?

Hi everybody,

I've read a few threads here that have given me some great pointers, but I figured I'd ask before I bought a lens.

I currently have two kit lenses:
Canon EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 IS AF
Canon EF 75-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 III AF

We don't shoot a lot at night. Most will be of the landscape, architecture, museums and culture. I'd like the flexibility to zoom in to see fine details of architecture, but also like to see wide angle stuff. If I have to choose, I would choose the wide side.

I have about $400 to $500 to spend.

Thanks for any help!

Canon EOS T3i (24-105 f4L IS, 70-200 f4L IS, Sigma 8-16mm)
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if you want a one lenses solution to keep things simple, tamron 18-270mm VC.

If you want a 2 lens solution, replace the 75-300 with the ef 70-300 and take the 18-55.

But if you are not looking for long range shooting that much, and as short range is good for you ef-s 15-85mm. That 3mm wider lens, can make a bit of a difference for landscape work.
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The 15-85 that shoturtle mentioned is a good choice, but it has a problem with distortion at wide angles. For landscape shooting you probably won't notice it, but for architecture and museum shooting, you should probably avoid shooting really wide. The 15-85 also has a problem with vignetting, so you should stop it down a little. But that will be a problem in museums. The 15-85 isn't very fast to start with, and since most musems don't allow flash, stopping it down will mean very long shutter speeds and/or high ISOs. The IS will help a little there.

And, in every respect, where their ranges overlap, the Canon 15-85 outperforms the Tamron 18-270, except the vignetting part.

I don't think there's a good 'one lens' solution.

The 70-300 IS USM that shoturtle mentioned is a lot better than the 75-300 that you have now, but so is the 55-250 IS and it's smaller and lighter, and therefore, easier to travel with.
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