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Default Canon 55-250 vs 70-200 L f/4.0

On a T2i, I know the "L" is better built, but IQ wise, would I see a difference outside?
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The 55-250 isn't quite as good, but it's close. It vignettes more than the others, and it doesn't focus quite as fast, but it's smaller, lighter and cheaper. It won't work on 'Full Frame' bodies, but it's a little wider and a little longer.

What do you want to shoot?
  • The lens is the thing.
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The L will focus quite a bit faster, has much better build quality and is a stop "brighter" at f4 vs. 5.6 and it's sharper at 200mm. And, as you said it's built better - you should go to a store and hand-hold the two lenses to get an appreciation for how much better the build quality really is. But, it also begs the question - is EITHER lens the right lens. The 70-200 f4 is a great lens, but 200mm is short for wildlife work. So, as TCAV asked - what do you want to shoot?
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Stepping in with John if I had to pick between the two I would go with the 70-200 but keep in mind that one should get the right focal length for the intended purpose. I can see quite a bit of difference in the IQ of the two and also as I have pointed out many times I dont invest in EFs glass because it can only be used on 1.6 crop bodies where the EF can be used on FF, 1.3 crop and 1.6 crop bodies. Should you ever decide to change sensor size the EFs glass will useless and you will have to revamp your entire lens lineup.
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