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Default I screwed up ....

I screwed up and tried a 70-200L IS on for size at the local Ritz. I was really there to look for something to replace the poor 70-300USM lense I bought last week for my 300D. Now I am considering spending more than the $500 I had planned.

I also checked out the Sigma 70-200 APO EX lense, but I didn't like how difficult the zoom ring was to adjust. Does it get easier to turn with a little use?

To get to the point, I've narrowed my search down to the 700-300IS, 70-200L IS, 70-200 APO. Is there anyone else out there who made this choice already? And were you happy?

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Forgot to mention that the Sigma and Canon L were both constant F2.8 lenses.
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Default I heard the Sigma loosens up......

I hope to get the Sigma later this month to fill my candid needs - It gets easier over time to work the zoom.

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I just bought the Sigma 70-200 APO 2.8 last week. Your right, it did seem difficult to zoom but then it seemed to get a lot easier all of a sudden. Seems fine now... Took it to the Detroit Zoo over the weekend to test it out... very happy with the results. And was happy about the price too..

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I'm using the sigma 70-200 on my 10D, and never noticed any stiffness in the zoom ring. Ive got it about 3 weeks ago, and i've taken some terriffic shots with it

I really like this lens.

In these topics you'll find some shots i made with this lens. About all photographs are taken with the 70-200, except the aquarium shot, that was taken with a 20mm f/1.8 Sigma EX, the gorilla was captured using the 24-70 f/2.8 Sigma EX.

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I have owned the Sigma EX 70-200 and currently own the Canon 75-300 IS USM. My Sigma also had a very stiff zoom ring, but which I believe is to stop zoom creep. I can easily take my Canon 75-300 and zoom all the way out and then push the lens back into the lens body. That isnt good :/ I'd rather have a stiff zoom, then a zoom that just flops all around(Man that sounds bad).. :lol:

Anywho, I miss my Sigma lens. I probably should have held onto it. But if I had my choice:

Sigma 70-200mm with Canon IS... ack they dont make that huh :lol:

Either the Sigma or the Canon 75-300 has my vote. Ill never buy another Canon zoom without the IS feature again. Including the L series.
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I own the older version, the 70-210 f2.8 APO I bought it second hand but the focus ring is not VERY easily turned but sure is working very nice.

It's my primairy lens most of the time in zoo's etc.
It's razor sharp and has very nice color and contrast.

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Old Jan 1, 2004, 8:13 PM   #8
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I'm with Russell, IS certainly spoils you. I cannot do without anymore ;-)

I just read a good review on the Sigma 120-300 F2.8 (the new one) in Shutterbug. Something to consider too. It is about as expensive as the Canon 70-200L IS though (and no IS on the Sigma).

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