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Default lens kit

hello canon-eers
just thought i would throw out a question
since moving into the DSLR world the choice of lenses really becomes the key question
those with plenty of $$$$$ need not worry but those who have not may wanna contribute or read the suggestions that come form my query
others may have different bodies but i have a 50D

i was looking to create a kit with 3-5 lenses at the most that would compliment a wide array of events and situations to shoot at and with
here are my thoughts

will need at least one wide angle
thinking canon 10-22 / tokina 11-16

midrange walk about
canon 24-105 / canon 17-85 / sigma 24-70

canon 70-200 f4 IS / canon 100-400mm IS / canon 70-300 IS

50mm f1.8 for its cost factor
canon 100mm f2.8 macro
sigma 105mm macro

well thoughts pls
keep in mind the cost factor and thas why i dont have a too many f2.8 or faster lenses here are some are costly and big and heavy
thanks in advance for your comments
i will only read and not comment to the thread ok
enjoy spring is almost upon us canadians

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well i am not sure exactly what your $$$ limit is here, so i will give 2 suggestions each, "buget" and "not as buget but still reasonable"

bear in mind there are many other choices that could fit here, these are the first to come to mind. and of course can't be too specific here as I don't really know what you will be shooting the most of. its really hard to make something that will do "all" so i will see about "doing most"

Pure Budget

Tokina 12-24 f4
Really sharp lens, i have owned it since it was released, and really cheap these days, the 11-16 is better in every way, but this lens is still a performer at the price.

Sigma 17-70 2.8-4 HSM OS
May not be optically quite as good as its forerunner or have quite the same macro capabilities, but its still quite good for the price and has a nice image stabilizer which can be useful for a walk-about lens. The kit lens (18-55IS) cannot be left out here, it is quite sharp and pretty much free.

Canon 55-250 IS
Its not fast, and its plastic, but its pretty sharp telephoto lens when you don't need the speed and its super-cheap. If you can spend a little more the 70-300 IS is better in every way including faster USM focusing and more reach.

Nifty 50 1.8
Too cheap to not own.

Tamron 90 2.8 1:1 Macro
Currently the cheapest macro with a 90+ mm focal length (for working distance) and all of these lenses are plenty sharp, so not losing any quality here.

Not quite as budget:

Tokina 11-16 2.8
Doesn't get any better than this with ultra-wide.

Tamron 17-50 2.8, Sigma 17-50 2.8 OS
The tamron non-VC is the sharpest. but the VC tamron and OS sigma give you the flexibility of having IS, which is not always necessary with a faster 2.8 aperture lens, but if the subject isn't moving and you need to stop down for dof, it can be nice.

Sigma 100-300 F4
This is a forgotten gem of a lens, gives you a constant f4 max aperture, fast hsm motor. if you can find one in good shape its a super general tele. The other options would be Canon 70-200 F4, the non-IS is still a compact and nice tele for a great price, the IS is better of course. Sigma's 70-200 2.8 non-OS is a bargain, fast 2.8 max ap, good focus speed.

If you are willing to spend some more, your prime lens options increase depending on what focal length you think you will need.

Canon 28 1.8, 50 1.4, 85 1.8 all great primes. Sigma's 30 1.4 is a great prime too.

Macro, the non-L non-IS Canon 100 2.8 is still a wonderful prime. internal focus, fast USM motor, just as sharp as the new L'IS version, and reasonably priced.

some some thoughts off the top of my head
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I presume you're talking about a cropped-sensor body, not a full frame one? It makes a big difference on choice of lenses.

That being the case, I'd take the Canon 15-85 for mid-range and the Canon 100-400 for long. I'm not sure about wide as I use a FF camera for that. For primes I'd take the Canon 50 f1.8 for its value, and one of the Canon 100mm macro lenses (IS or non-IS) if I wanted 1:1 macro or f2.8 100mm.
Canon 5D & 7D (both gripped), 24-105L, 100-400L, EF-S 15-85, 50 f1.8, Tamron 28-75, Sigma 12-24, G10, A1+10 FD lenses, tripods, lights etc
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