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Default Recommendations for lenses to take to Alaska

Going on a cruise in July and trying to figure out what kind of lens to take. We will be doing a lot of nature & scenery photography, plus photos from planes, helicopters etc. We have some pretty active activities planned like dogsledding, hiking, kayaking, whale watching so will probably also bring my P&S in addition to my TiI. The only lenses I currently own are the stock 17-55mm and a prime 50mm lens. I am looking into renting a telephoto and thinking of renting 100-400mm Canon. Is this a good choice? Is it advisable to also bring a wide angle? How about my flash? Lightweight is superkey, however I do have a nice Tamron backpack but don't intend on bringing that everywhere I go. What would be a good walk around lens. Is it a good idea to bring a monopod to shoot for things like capturing a whale from a boat?
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I have made two trips to Alaska and will soon be on my third trip so I can give you some of the info you’re looking.

I have done two boat tours and the scenery and wild life are great. The problem you run into on the boat is that you will be sharing the rail with a lot of other people all competing for the best spot. Add on top of this the boat pitching on the waves on I believe the mono pod would be unusable at that point. If it is a whale you’re looking for, you generally scan the area where you THINK it surface so you need to be able to redirect at a moments notice.

Alaska is a VERY BIG! Is if often difficult to judge distances and determine how big areas really are. The 100-400 is a great lens to have in Alaska but often will be two short. I recall skipping grizzy bear shot with the 100-400 while watch every one else with there P & S cameras firing away. I wonder if they could even find the spec in the photo when they got home.

I have also been to Denali so I could help with some question if you are going there.

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