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Default Lens Suggestions?

I currently have a T1i that I purchased as part of a bundle. Meaning I have the 55-250 lens that came with the base. I have recently become interested in a good upgrade that will give me something better.

My goal: to not have to change lenses so often - to get close up/portraits without having to stand far away as I do now when using the above lens - and to also get further away (I took my kids to the beach and although I could see them way out in the water, the camera just didn't get as close as I would have liked.

Any suggestions?
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You're not going to be able to do all that with one lens. A jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none lens will be able to do lots of things, but none as well as the lenses you've got now. And for the other things you want to do, you're getting even further away from what a single, all purpose lens can do, let alone do well.

The advantage of a dSLR is that you can get lenses that specialize in whatever you want to do. Capitalize on that.

For portraits, a lens like the Canon 50mm f/1.8 or the 85mm f/1.8 would work well. They have large apertures that provide shallow depths of field, allowing you to isolate your subject from the background.

For capturing images of your children from farther away, you can get a longer lens. The 55-250 you have is pretty long, but there are longer lenses like the Canon 70-300 IS. Anything longer, though, will cost a lot. How much do you want to spend?
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That's fabulous advice! Thank you. As far as how much I want to spend, that I don't know. Every penny would be worth a fantastic lens. I have the 18-55 lens that came with the bundle and I use it as needed, but I find myself using the telephoto lens so much more since things tend to catch my eye at a distance.

After my trip to the beach, I found myself shin deep in the water afraid to get any further out with my camera. I was also concerned about changing lenses out in the salty/sandy air. I do use my camera more for recreational use or amateur hobbyist, but I've been getting more and more requests to take pictures for families, kids, and the newest... weddings (:.

Any advice on lenses for a n00b like me would be absolutely appreciated.
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When you mean close up, I can presume form you description it is not macro. So with a long telephoto you are moving into big a heavy and pricey, the canon ef 100-400L will run you 1500-1700 dollars. The other 400mm zooms form sigma and tokina will run you well over 1000 dollars. And the Sigma 500mm zoo aka Bigma is also over 1500 dollars. You are getting big and heavy with more zoom.

You can get a canon ef 70-300 IS USM or the Tamron 70-300 VC USD and add a kenko 1.4x pro 300 dgx or 1.4 MC4 dgx TC. It will work with those lenses but will be have to be in very bright lighting for the AF to work properly. It will keep the setup smaller then a true 400 or 500mmzoom. The tc with a EF mount 300mm lens will give you 420mm of reach. But again, it can only be used in good lighting at 5.6 it is going to be very dark aperture, so allot of sunlight is need to get the AF to work properly. I do not believe the kenko will work with a EF-s mount. The canon 70-300 will run you 450 the tamron 400 dollars. The kenko 1.4 300 pro dgx will run 250, the kenko 1.4 mc4 dgx 120 dollars.

Also since you are running a tc, image quality will not be as good as a lens with the same reach without a tc. It will be a bit softer and some more vignetting in some cases.
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I have the 55-250 how far away were the objects as mine gets real close for most of my needs. as for upgrades i have just purchased a sigma 17-70 os 2.8-4 and this has been a great buy.
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I live in a different cave (Sony) and have a wide range of focal length requirements from family gatherings, wildlife, birding, sports and will say this, I got the Sony 70-400mm G lens and I hate it.

Until I see the results of the days events.
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