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Hi Kenkx

1. If you mean you wish to upgrade to a '1 lens' solution for more zoom, there are a number of Canon options:
- 18-135mm IS (decent image quality, IS - but no USM 'fast focus', very good zoom range)
- 18-200mm (ok image quality, IS - but no USM 'fast focus', great zoom range)
- 17-85mm (decent image quality at wide end, good through rest of zoom range, IS - USM focus, good zoom range)
- 15-85mm (very good image throughout, IS and USM focus and very good zoom range)

There are also a number of other options from other manufacturers, (this is not an exhaustive list)
- Sigma 18-200 and 18-250 (I think there are both OS (optical stabilisation) and HSM (fast focus) available)
- Tamron 18-200 / 18-250 / 18-270 - with VC (Vibration control) and I think the 'fast focus' option is 'PZD'.

What is 'best' for you and matches your 'price vs quality' criterion is very individual. It depends on your budget, what is available (also used) - and also what style of photography you're into. The Canon 1100D should be able to use all the above lenses from what I understand.

I have the Canon 15-85mm as my main 'walk around' on my Canon 7D body. Initially I bought a Canon 350D with the 18-55mm kit (non IS) lens. The 18-55mm is decent stopped down - but I find the extra mm on both the wide angle very helpful and I often felt limited to the 55mm as a walk around. To me 85mm is a decent zoom range for impromptu portraits and more effective for some macros too. The image quality of the 15-85mm is the best of the options outlined above, but it's also the most expensive. (I got a good deal about a year ago, and haven't looked back since).

At this stage I'm keeping the 18-55mm (and my Canon 350D) for a light DSLR package (eg for when I do a long bush-walk / hike and really don't want to take my 7D). So it might also be important for you to test / feel the weight difference of the various lenses (particularly as the 1100D is a light DSLR camera body).

2. If you mean you want an additional lens to your existing 18-55mm IS Canon kit lens, I agree the 55-250mm IS is probably the best 'bang for the buck'.

Other good budget telezoom options I'd recommend include the:
Canon 70-300mm IS (nonL). It doesn't have 'true' fast focus USM, but it's focus is still quite good
Tamron 70-300mm VC USD. Some good reviews of this lens.

Again, if you're interested in what I have - it's the Canon 70-300mm L IS USM - but that is a slightly bigger / heavier lens, and much more expensive. However for what I wanted, it was good - and again, I waited till a good deal came around till I bought it (new).

All the best with your decision making process, and please let us know what you ended up buying and share some photos.



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