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Default Prime Lens for nadir Aerial Photography

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the camera world, but I've been researching cameras and lenses for a while now and thought I would post a question to get some feedback. I'm looking for a lens for a very specific task. I want to take nadir (straight down) pictures from around 200-400 feet above the ground, obviously outdoors. I want the sharpest, highest resolution picture possible with the largest field of view and the least amount of distortion (if any). After researching cameras, I am leaning towards some kind of Canon DSLR and either a Rebel T2i, 60D, or a 7D. I really want the biggest sensor I can afford, but I can't afford a Full Frame sensor at this time. I don't care about all of the extra features the camera has, I just want to shoot in manual mode with a fixed focal length lens. I will only be playing with the shutter speed, f/stop, and a few other settings depending on the time of year. All of my pictures will be taken with a similar sun angle so once I get the settings right, there won't be much to change. I need some help in picking a lens. I don't think I want a wide angle as this will introduce too much image distortion. I was thinking of something in the 50mm to 75mm range for minimal distortion.

Any and all suggestions and/or input is appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance!
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I would think the Sigma 70 f/2.8 would do it... The sharpest lens available!
-> It's a macro so by design it's pretty flat too

You can compare it's blur index or distortion against any 'L' prime:
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